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I am an Integrative Arts Therapist and Counsellor. I work with
kindness and skill to support you, or your loved one, to work
through difficulties and find a deeper sense of perspective.

Together we will develop your self-understanding, self-compassion and cultivate a deep trust in your own resilience, even when facing difficulties. We will also have fun on the way!


We work together to choose the best type to suit you but here's an idea of what I offer


Finding the words

Using more traditional 'talking therapy' approaches we will focus on themes which occur in your everyday life, exploring how they may limit your growth and shadow who you may become. Together we imagine how things could be different, exploring and practising alternate ways to be.

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Creatinng shifts

The arts are transformative. When we make something physical using drawing, painting, objects and creative materials,  It brings distance, a new external expression and focus which allows us to find words and connect with feelings that are stored in our bodies and together we work to find words and understanding for these emotions. The healing not only happens in the session but there is a huge space for personal development and creativity between sessions.



Grounding in breath

Working collaboratively to find strategies to connect you to your body. Practical techniques to use in everyday life



Finding self in landscape

Taking the therapy outside allowing us to connect with the abundant power of nature. These sessions are currently available by special appointment only.

About me

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Central to my work are the values of kindness, respect and hope. I work with sensitivity to help you better understand yourself and the challenges you face. There are many tools and modalities which I mix depending on your needs and preferences. As we work together I refine and develop our sessions offering you a unique blend of therapy. Part focused on the present but also focussed on the future, who you truly are and who you hope to become,

I have worked therapeutically with children, young people and adults for since 2010. I work privately with both young people and adults. 
Not many people admit it, but therapy can also be fun! Often when we’re facing big emotions humour is a great ally, it softens shame and self-hatred and allows other possibilities to emerge.

Clients I’ve worked with in the past talk about feeling more wholeness in themselves 

And finding a sense of self respect, deeper understanding and hope. I feel deeply privileged to work as a therapist and to be alongside clients who are in the process of transformation and healing.

Central to any healing is a safe and trusting alliance. You must feel safe with whoever you work with, that feeling of safety is what gives us the courage to venture forwards into change and healing. I offer an initial session as a chance to see if it feels right. 

I am a BACP accredited therapist. 
I currently see clients on-line on Monday evenings and Tuesday mornings.

‘It takes courage to push yourself to places you have never been before… to break through barriers.'    Anaïs Nin
the track.jpg
“I know you say you don't have a magic wand but I think you do!  You have helped me so much.
Thank you." A young person
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