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Therapy for women

Intuitive psychotherapy and counselling for women.

We are continuously evolving, in our bodies, in our relationships and in our souls. Sometimes we need another person to hold the space so we can temporarily stop coping and be vulnerable. Sometimes we need a safe sisterly presence to hold us accountable to our own soul and protect time so we explore the difficult emotions that come with change. 

We may need to grieve, to rant, to cry, to be afraid, or to find the feelings hiding behind numbness. Together we make sense of these things and find positive ways to connect with the new identities. In our sessions you'll experience catharsis, relief and a blossoming sense of hope for what may come. 

I am an experienced Therapist with a passion for supporting women through their life-cycle, helping women to identify their internal strength and find new depths of resilience. Working in a person centred way I integrate Creativity and the Arts to accompany women across the thresholds of life so they enter new chapters of identity with strength, self-belief and conviction.

If you are interested please email me and we can arrange an initial trial session.

'Charlie has helped me understand so much about myself, where I have come from and where I see myself in the future.'

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