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As a fully qualified, Accredited Integrative counsellor I work within the BACP's ethical guidelines.

Since 2014 I have worked in the voluntary, cultural and education sectors as a counsellor, manager of services, mental health trainer and therapeutic arts facilitator. I have provided informal supervision and reflective practice as part of this. I Believe passionately  in the importance of purposeful and curious enquiry alongside meaning connections to others. I am now training to become a Supervisor at CSTD Bath 

I work in a supervisee-centred way responding to your modality and responding to your needs and skill set. Where appropriate we will integrate the Arts and Creativity to explore the work in gentler, deeper and non-verbal ways. I currently see supervisees online. I have experience supervising therapists and work collaboratively to insure that you are feeling supported in your clinical work. Good supervision is a reciprocal process in which we both strive for clear communication, honesty and a deeper understanding of what is going on in the therapeutic work.

I love Penny Henderson's description of supervision as a process of transformation in which at the end of the session the supervisee and the supervisor will have ‘thought something new or said something different, or understood something more clearly, or felt something more authentically. That is, they are changed… This requires time… and the courage to meet, being willing to go where the process takes us.’ A Different Wisdom: reflections on supervision practice, Penny Henderson. Karnac books, London

I offer an inital introductory session for us to see how we'd work together.

I am offering discounted fee of £40 / hour until I am qualified.


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