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Whether you breathe mindfully or you huff puff and Wim-hof the breath is the key to calming our nervous systems and grounding us. 

It can be hard at first, but it's also worth giving it a try because it's free, simple and something we can always draw upon no matter where we are or what is happening. Some people find tuning into the breath very overwhelming and if this is you there are other ways to practice mindfulness without focusing on breathing, it's about trying out differnt things and seeing what works.

Mindfulness for teens 

Mark William's Mindfulness of Body and Breath 8 minutes  


Or you could give Wim Hof a try!


Podcasts & poems 

When Times are hard I often reach for poetry,  

John O'Donohue, Maya Angelou, Mary Oliver and Wisława Szymborska are some of my favorites.

There is a wonderful podcast series called on being 

Here is a mighty episode with John O Donohue 

Another On Being featuring Mary Oliver


“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Anaïs Nin

Film Clapboard

Art & Creative activities



Mindful Photgraphy challenge


free writing & journalling

Screen Shot 2024-01-22 at 14.43.01.png
Screen Shot 2024-01-22 at 14.43.01.png

Films & Animations

Film Clapboard


Identity Integration in fragmented families
BACP Children & Young People Journal September 2017

How reciprocal is your relationship with nature


Lost in the lands of feelings

BACP Children & Young People's Journals 
Published 31 Dec 2017

Visual navigation, orientation and practical emotional cartography help Charlie Morse-Brown and her clients on their sometimes surreal odyssey through therapy, moving from not-knowing, to awareness, to knowing what to do with that awareness. 

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